fall • winter '18

fall • winter '18

SELA - fashion and accessories

SELA is a stylish and comfortable clothing for self-confident people.

Founded in 1991, SELA Corporation has become one of the recognized leaders in designing clothes collections in casual style. SELA is comfortable, trendy collections for self-confident people, who want to look attractive and who have their own style and enjoy the modern lifestyle.

We aim for better understanding of the lifestyle, desires and wishes of our customers and aim to help fulfil their potential by offering SELA clothing and accessories.

Our focus is to create the international corporate retail chain which provides supreme satisfaction for our customers’ desires by high level of service, high quality of presented clothing collections and assortment.

Our collection offers

Wide range of products

Bright and daring color palette

Quality products for a fair price

SELA has made its way from small stores with the assortment for the whole family to the national brand of stylish clothing. We were the first company who effected its own retail trading concept at the Russian market based on clear description of all the business processes and standards. Thereafter, our experience has been adopted by many fashion companies on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Nowadays the international brand status has been maintained by the representative offices in Russia, Israel, Belarus, Kazakhstan, by trading chains (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Moldova) and production in Russia, China and Bangladesh.

SELA corporate chain is a system of unified trading enterprises, which is expanding by franchising system. First SELA corporate store opened in 1997 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

At the beginning of the 90-s, SELA has given the entrepreneurs an opportunity to effectively invest funds into opening corporate SELA stores in their own cities by offering affordable and high quality clothes to the mass market.

A concept of corporate retail enterprise considers a complete line presentation of SELA brand (women, men, teenagers and children, accessories and cosmetics), a single concept for merchandising, management of goods distribution, program of sales promotion and discount programs.

We continue our expansion and are ready for cooperating with the partners in the new geographical areas.

Today SELA Corporation is:

  • one of the recognized leaders in designing clothes collections in casual style, the best, based on the price to quality ratio
  • more than 400 stores in 300 cities
  • representative offices in 6 countries
  • own design and production offices
  • international team of professionals and like-minded people.


We are a professional creative team of like-minded people.

We create the design, produce and sell in our corporate stores stylish collections of clothes and accessories for young at heart and active people, helping our customers to create their own unique modern style in day-to-day life.

We offer our customers high quality and comfortable clothing at reasonable and low prices, and maintain the corporate style of service.

We believe all these additional components of the utmost importance, they are a demonstration of our respect to the customer both on the large and small scale: in goods itself, in prices, in service and the whole atmosphere of our retail.

This is a philosophy for our further development.


It is our PEOPLE: our loyal customers, business partners and all the creative, administrative and executive team of like-minded people.

It is a RELATIONSHIP between people based on simple timeless values: respect, decency, tolerance and reliability.

It is POSITIVE personality traits: honesty, optimism, creativity, ambition and enthusiasm.

It is a UNION of all team members for a SELA Mission accomplishment.