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SELA collections

Sela ™ produces clothes for women, men, teens, children at the age from 2 till 11 years and infants.

Sela ™ collection consists of collections for office, study or parties (Fashion), sports collections, basic models (Basic).

More than 1800 new models are produced every season. Collections are never repeated.

A great number of clothes sizes which start from the smallest size for women — XXS and comes to an end with the greatest size for men — XXL. For children the number of sizes is defined by age.

About 90 % of clothes of Basic group and more than 70 % of Fashion group goods consist of natural fabrics (basically cotton and a wool). From artificial fibres viscose, modal, rayon, laionel, and also fibres of the mixed type are used.

Bright and joyful colors by which collections of clothes Sela are sated, — shades of the nature, sky, water; all paints of seasons of the year which are selected according to the last world tendencies in design of clothes.

  • 100% качество
  • Доставка
  • Оригинальный товар РѕС‚ производителя
  • Постоматы
  • Пункты выдачи товара
  • Оплата банковскими картами